Importance of Education

As time passes education is more pertinent than it has ever been. Education is also becoming more biased by the second. In some schools, they do not even teach certain subjects such as geography and history because it does not fit their narrative. That is why my education is more important to me than ever. 

I need to be educated so I can use my knowledge as a weapon to survive this new society that just wants to cancel out everything that does not fit their beliefs and as Mahekam Ansari said, “Knowledge is the most powerful weapon you are ever going to have at your disposal. It is not a gun, a sword, or a bomb because the strongest instrument you will have if you really want to make a change is what you learn. So, wherever you are right now in life, I want you to burn that into your mind.”

One of the reasons there is such a big rift in this country is because many people have been brainwashed into thinking a certain way. A few days ago I heard on the news that there was a school that would not allow parents to listen in on their children’s Zoom meetings almost like the teachers had something to hide. 

In some schools, children have been taught that the founding fathers, white people, and even Fredrick Douglass are bad. But how in the world are Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington unacceptable historical figures? Frederick Douglass was a black slave who escaped from the South and helped other slaves escape too. He also advocated for the freedom of all slaves by speaking and writing about his experience as a slave. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves and George Washington risked his life fighting for the United States of America’s freedom from Brittain. All of these historical people have played major roles in shaping our country’s history and if the rioter understood what these people have risked to give us what we have today they would not be pulling their statues down. 

Another reason education has become so important to me is because I am in tenth grade this year which means I am supposed to duel enroll next year. To duel enroll I have to finish two math books Algebra 2 and Advanced Math. But I am finding this task a bit complicated because of the tests. The tests have questions on them that are sort of like some of the things I have been doing, but at the same time, I have never seen the problem done that way before. Also, over the summer I enjoyed doing math, but as soon as we got back to school, and the stress of tests was back on, I have found it hard to enjoy math as much. Everything I have learned and will learn this year is essential because it is preparing me for college which is another reason why my education has become so important to me. 

Education has always been important to me but due to recent events, my education has become even more important to me and will continue to be important to me forever.