How Life Has Changed since Last Spring

About six months ago, my school went on spring break thinking we were all going on break just to come back in a week to finish the school year, but we had no idea how wrong we were. Two weeks after we went on break we came back to school in a way we never thought we would have to. We were given assignments virtually and we checked them over Google Chat. That was pretty much the closest most people got to leave their homes. From then on it has been constant change.

COVID- 19 has caused widespread panic throughout the world. Countries have shut down their borders and schools closed their doors. People were and still are too scared to leave their own homes afraid they will catch the COVID- 19 and die. Overnight the world changed. Certain people demanded that stores require people to wear masks when they go to stores. Also, stores had plexiglass and stickers keeping people six feet apart up faster than you could blink an eye. It was almost like the store owners anticipated this would happen. 

Then all of a sudden the only thing the media could talk about was masks, COVID- 19, and social distancing. Everyone was always debating these three topics. In my opinion, if you use all of these techniques properly you may be able to slightly lessen your chance of getting the Coronavirus. But if you use these methods how are you supposed to get antibodies to the virus? 

Although the problem with using a mask is that if you drop it on the floor, or you trade it with someone else you are collecting lots of unwanted germs. Also, when you take off gloves and masks to check your phone or talk to someone you are getting the germs collected by them on your face and hands. At that point, you are defeating the purpose of masks.

COVID- 19 is not the only thing that has been hogging the media’s spotlight. In the past few months, tons of riots have broken out across the nation. These rioters have caused cities to shut down because of the chaos they are creating. They claim to be protesting black lives matter, but black lives are not the only ones who matter. Everyone’s life matters no matter what. (That  includes white people, black people, women, men, children, babies, and everyone else.)  Anyway, these so-called protesters are not protesting because the last time I checked killing and pillaging is not protesting it is called stealing and murder. 

Not all of the changes that have happened in these past few months have been bad. This little hiatus we went on was good for some people to relieve stress, work on projects they would not have usually gotten to, and focus on themselves. One thing that has become extremely popular while we were all quarantined is workout challenges. Maybe this extended break will lead to a new era of healthier living and the return of family unity. 

Over the last few months change has rocked the world for better or for worse. Hopefully, it will lead to a better, more united future. Blacks and whites will once again coexist peacefully and we can go back to evolving the world.