The Unjust Treatment of Minors by the Government

People who are under the age of 18 have barely any rights. This country is as much theirs as it is anyone else’s. They too have to live here and follow the rules the same as everyone. Still, they have no say in any part of the government and are shooed away like they are annoying little pests. But let me remind you in just a few years they will be the ones running this country and voting.

Just recently I called the DMV to see if I could get an appointment to get my learner’s permit but they are not providing learner’s permits because of COVID-19. I had already taken a driver’s ed course online finishing with a 95% grade final and I had taken the learner’s permit test online too. All I need is to get my picture taken and pass a vision and hearing test to get my permit. But I was not able to get an appointment due to all of the offices being closed because of coronavirus. However, the DMV is allowing appointments for people who need to renew their license in person or for new Florida residents to get a Florida driver’s license. Although what about the people who are under 18 and don’t already have a driver’s license or learner’s permit? The people with learner’s permits will not be able to get a driver’s license until long after they turn 16. I need my driver’s license so that I can drive myself to school, help my parents with their business, and drive my three siblings around for my parents. I bet there are many other teens who need a driver’s license much more than I do but can’t get one. 

What gives the government the right to pick and choose who they allow to do what? I should be able to get my learner’s permit since I am 15. But I can’t because some people think that just because I am young, I am not important enough. I took my learner’s permit test the day I turned 15 so that I could get my learner’s permit as soon as I turned 16. I was very disappointed to find I would not be able to acquire my learner’s permit as soon as I turned 15. Many of us have been waiting weeks for their learner’s permit and there will be a mad rush at the DMV when we are finally able to go get our licenses.  That will not be enjoyable for anybody.

What makes us any different from anyone else who is over 18? How come if you are over 18 you can get a license without a learner’s permit? They are no more of a novice than I am at driving. Perhaps it is because they are over 18 they are more “mature.” It seems like an arbitrary line to draw.

Just because we are young does not mean we should be overlooked and ignored. Our rights are just as important as every other citizen’s rights. If we don’t fight this injustice now it will only get worse for generations to come. We do not want our children to have to be deprived of their rights too.