“There Is No Free Lunch”

The expression “There Is No Free Lunch” means nothing is free. This statement is too true. Since the beginning of time you had to work to scavenge for food and work to survive. Even if you go back to the time of the Kushites, they started their trading network in 250 BC, trading items that were crucial to their daily lives and for their survival.

During any natural disaster or in a terrorist attack other countries might lend a hand in helping the wounded country get back on its feet. They also expect you to repay them after lending you their helping hand. For example the Great Depression led the United States into a tremendous debt. We were bailed out by our allies and set back on our feet again. But we owed a huge debt to our saviors.

This is not only about an item being free, but it is also about freedom in general. The United States of America so far is the most free country in the world. Sadly this freedom cost us more than money. This has cost us our fellow American lives who fight for our freedom. Soon no one will want to fight for our country because of how much our soldiers are being disrespected, from burning the flag to not even standing up for the national anthem. This will cause us to not be a free country anymore.       

My brother once told me a fable and it went like this… If a person wanted to build a barn and he has to share the same property with another man who wanted to use the land for his animals to graze. But there was only space for one of these plans. Which one should be able to execute his plan? Why should one man be aloud to do what he wants and not the other? The moral of the story is that one man’s freedom generally cuts into another man’s freedom.

So no matter how rich, poor, stupid, or smart you are you still have to pay a certain amount just for living on this Earth.