“It Takes Courage To Grow Up And Become Who You Really Are” – EE Cummings

Yes, it takes courage to grow up. But it is not only courage you need. You need intelligence, bravery, common sense, and most of all humor. I say humor because no one likes a person that is not animated or interesting. Especially if you have to listen to a thirty minute speech about the most boring subject in the world.

But my brother has different views in this subject. He explicitly told me when we were discussing the topic that you do not need courage to grow up. All you really have to do is watch TV all day, or even selling drugs and you will still be growing up anyway. Is he right or not???

That is only if you want to take the lazy path to grow up. Only the courageous, successful, and hard working people live life to it fullest extent.

But wealth is not the only way to test courage in growing up. If you raise a beautiful, strong, healthy family to also grow up and maybe become one of the most beneficial people in history. You never know.

Also there are different ways of being courageous. It takes courage to stand up for ourselves, it takes courage to make important decisions, and most of all it takes courage to make life commitments. You may think that you do not need courage for these things but you need courage for even the most minor things.

Sadly most of our politicians today do not have much courage to stand up for what they believe in. They do not want to lose their jobs for being against a powerful person. For example, Weinstein convinced a bunch of women to have sex with him for higher positions or awards.     

I guess if you look at a couple of diverse opinions, in the end I neither agree or disagree with Cummings quote “It Takes Courage To Grow Up And Become Who You Really Are.”