Can Teenagers Be Fooled Into Doing Bad Things…

Yes, in my opinion, teenagers can easily be fooled into doing the wrong things. But I also think that you would be half crazy or completely insane to think kids can’t be easily fooled…

There are thousands of ways to fool people. For example there was just recently a woman who was talking to a man and convincing him to kill himself. Also she was apparently telling the man he was not worth anything and should just carry out his plan to kill himself. Plus this was in the Hernando County!

Also, not too long ago I was sitting in the Brooksville Courthouse, while my parents were renewing my siblings and my passport and there was a newspaper lying on the table next to me. Since I was sooooo bored I picked up the paper and started reading it. There was an arrest report talking about how a man had contacted a girl in her early teens and convinced the girl to have sex with him. This disgusted me, a girl that young having sex with an older man.     

There is a line in Our Father that says “lead us not into temptation.” But there always will and have been people who have tempted others into smoking, drinking, or even murder people because of temptation.  

I know the world is not perfect I mean I know no ones perfect. But I find it distasteful  the awful things people can make other people do just for their personal gain or for their entertainment. There are people who are scarred for life from horrific events that have happened to them before.

There are bad people all around the world who want to temp teenagers and anyone they can, to do bad things, but you have to use your courage to say no. Do not think that this will ruin your school reputation because it will not it will make you known for your bravery and courage to stand up to bad people. You may even be able to encourage others to do the same.