Once a year we celebrate Thanksgiving in honor of the plentiful feast the pilgrims had with the Native Americans. These Native Americans helped the pilgrims survive on what they had during the winter. In the future I hope we honor our companions, not disregard them.

As many people know, the pilgrims set out for the yet to be discovered “New last hope” trying to find a free land to practice their own beliefs and religions. Many families were broken apart because some people sought freedom while others did not want to leave Europe.

The Mayflower departed England in 1620, carrying 102 passengers, this marked the beginning of this treacherous journey to freedom. Sixty-six days later the pilgrims arrived at Cape Cod happy to see land again. They settled on the land scavenging as much food as possible. Secretly the Indians were watching the settlers struggle with what they had. They did the same thing all through the harsh winter. The pilgrims had many people die during the winter and did not have much food to live on.

Spring came bringing joy to those that lived through the asperous winter. Tisquantum and Squanto who had been watching the pilgrims came to help them in the new year. They showed the pilgrims how to catch, plant, harvest, and preserve food for winter. After the harvest the pilgrims had a feast in honor of their new friendship.    

The First Thanksgiving

During this Thanksgiving I hope you will remember why you are sitting at your table surrounded by friends and family. Also remember those who sacrificed everything so that you can eat that giant turkey and most of all don’t forget Tisquantum and Squanto who helped the pilgrims survive.