How Much Money Do You Spend on Fortnite?

Did you know that Fortnite earns over $300 million a month? How is this possible? Well, a recent study came out revealing the stunning truth about how much money the average Fortnite player spends. 

Although Fortnite is free, it has loads of scams that you need to avoid. Overall an average player spends about $90 to purchase skins, gliders, harvesting tools, emotes, or other gears. Other interesting facts that were found out during the study were: 

Most of the purchases were on skins but 18% was on gliders, 13% was on harvesting tools, and 9% was on emotes.

 Of Fortnite spenders, 79% have purchased a $10 battle pass, although 45% of others have bought the $25 version pass. 

Not surprising but 35 of students in the survey said that they have missed school to play Fortnite, and 20% of the workers said, they missed work to play Fortnite. 

Lastly, the majority of players surveyed said that they played Fortnite at least 10 hours a week! 

But Fortnite is not the only one with scams. There are also false Fortnite games or links that are there to steal your money so watch out and stay safe!