Election Issues

Throughout the world, people are holding their breath as the United States presidential election approaches. In thirteen days, voters around the United States of America will be going to the polls to vote on whether or not to reelect President Donald Trump or elect Joe Biden as the president. On Thursday, October 22, Trump and Biden will be participating in the last debate before the presidential election to address some of the issues surrounding the election that has caused a division in our country.

One of the main issues that have the country up in flames is Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter rioters are burning businesses, cities, pulling down statues, and killing innocent people. Nothing gives you the right to kill innocent people no matter what the other side has done to you. You always need to be the bigger person and try to de-escalate the situation, not try to escalate. That is what teachers teach us in school. First, you tell the other person to stop, then if that does not work tell the teacher, and if that does not work then depending on the situation you may be able to retaliate.

Recently, a new scandal has come to light involving Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden. Apparently, Hunter Biden dropped off his computer at a repair shop and never came to pick it up so the owner turned it over to the FBI last December. It has taken the FBI nearly a year to release some of the content to the public. The laptop is rumored to contain pictures of Hunter Biden taking drugs and other classified information. This reflects badly on Joe Biden because one Joe has been seen praising his son for being clean and two Hunter has been working with his father meaning his father would have to know about some of the stuff on the computer.

For the past six or seven months, Coronavirus has been a hot topic everywhere. Some people are scared to death to even go outside, but other people just want everything to get back to normal. They are sick of having to social distance, wear masks, and not be able to travel to see their family. While Biden has been talking about all of the stuff he would do if he got into office Trump has been doing these things. When Trump cut off travel to China Biden and other Democrats made fun of him. Still, somehow people do not seem to notice all of the things Trump has done to help Coronavirus efforts.

On September 18, 2020, Ruth Bader Ginsburg died leaving a vacancy on the Supreme Court. Since the Republicans control the Senate and the Presidency they sought to fill the seat. Democrats have been trying to do everything possible to delay any efforts to elect a new Supreme Court Justice until after the presidential election. I have no idea why they would want to because while they were interviewing her Amy Coney Barrett showed extreme patience, grace, and impartiality every judge should have.

No matter what happens in the coming election I hope that the person elected will be accepted whether certain people like him or not and the other one will accept defeat peacefully.