Trump Threatens to Put Tariffs on Mexico

Trump threatened to put a 5% tariff on Mexico in an attempt to stop illegal immigration into the US. Critics say that these tariffs would affect the trade of avocado and tomatoes because Mexico is a major supplier of them making us have to pay more for them. Also, they supply us with some of our machinery and medical instruments. But supporters say this is a way to stop immigration. If Trump can twist Mexico’s arm enough, we may be able to lessen the flow of people over our border since the Democrats won’t give Trump many choices.

After Trump threatened to put tariffs on Mexico, the Mexican president Andres Manuel López Obrador sent Trump a letter saying “President Trump: social problems are not resolved with tariffs or coercive measures. How do we, overnight, transform a country with brotherly sentiments towards migrants of the world to a ghetto; to a closed space, where we stigmatize, mistreat, persecute, expel, and strip the rights of those who with effort and work, look to live free of misery? The Statue of Liberty is not an empty symbol. With all due respect, and while you have the sovereign right to express it, your slogan “America First” is a fallacy, because until the end of time, beyond national borders, justice and universal brotherhood will prevail.”

But what if there was another way to limit the amount of immigration into this country without hurting trade with Mexico? What if for once everyone would cooperate and work together, so that we could find a solution to this problem? If all this were possible, we would be able to find a solution in no time.